Prenatal, Birth & Postnatal Doula

Currently being arranged on a case-by-case basis 

The Prenatal Doula will be your emotional and educational support throughout your pregnancy. Developing a strong relationship based on mutual respect and education, the prenatal doula can help to aid the expecting mother, father and other family members on what to expect in the coming months. 

Birth Doula Services including helping mother through labor and delivery by being a constant emotional and physical support. Birth Doulas are proven to increase confidence and positive perspective of labor and delivery. Their presence can reduce complications and interventions in birth and keep the moral of mom, dad, grandma (and anyone else who may be present) positive, upbeat, and well rested.  Doula's do not treat or diagnose anything medical, they are purely an educated physical and emotional support person who is with you through your entire process.

The Postnatal Doula has a responsibility to visit in with the family and assist in house chores, breastfeeding, and the physical and emotional needs of mother and baby. This can be an essential part of the doula-mother-baby experience and looks different for every family! 

Birth Plan Preparation

Completed in 2 in-person Sessions      $100

Are you not sure what to expect from labor and delivery? Birth plan preparation can be an excellent way to gain understanding of hospital birth, understand your rights during the birthing process and advocate for the labor and delivery experience that you want for your family. Learn to create positive intentions throughout the term of pregnancy and be guided through communication with other family members. 

The creation of a birth plan is a powerful way to claim the birthing experience that you want and feel empowered in your choices. Additional sessions can be arranged to deal with other communication issues within the family. 

The Birth Partner 

Next Workshop TBA   $50/couple

This workshop will help you and your partner prepare for labor and delivery whether you are brand new to yoga or have an established practice. By learning specific positions, exercises, breathing & relaxation techniques for both the expecting mom and supportive partner, you will walk away with in-body knowledge to help facilitate an empowered and supported birth. Birthing Partners come in many forms, expecting fathers, sister, doulas, best friends and more. All partners are encouraged, as well as aspiring and certified birth professionals wanting to expand their knowledge base. Add a third wheel to your birth team (additional supportive person) for only $15.  If you’re in need of childcare for older brothers and sisters email in advance and care providers’ info can be provided.  


Preparing the mind, body and spirit of your family 

Big island Yoga Therapy 

Katy Benjamin E-RYT 200, RYT 500, C-IAYT 1000

Certified Yoga Therapist 

Birthing From Within

Classes will resume this summer

Aloha Wellness Center  239 Haili Street, Hilo, HI 

Whether you are planning for a hospital, birthing center or home birth, this class will help to prepare your physical and subtle body for a powerful birthing experience. This series format will allow participants to build their knowledge of yoga from any level. We will work together in an intimate setting, creating loving relationships to support pregnancy, birthing and beyond! Post-natal moms with non-crawling babies welcome, as are birth professionals. 

Topics to be covered in each 6 week series include: pranayama (breathing), asana (physical postures), setting intentions, creating sacred space for labor and delivery, relationships with food and body image, partnerships, forgiveness, fears and deep relaxation.   Please join in the middle of a series, or pay for part of one if you know you will be unable to attend.   ​*Sliding Scale Available