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Radical Compassion Tour 2017 

A tour for Healing 

This past year has been very intense, and I know I am not alone. We are being hit by a tidal wave of mass waking up. All around us there are struggles to protect our environment, the rights of women, black people, indigenous people, immigrants, our LBGTQ people, our very waters of this earth. Long time advocates and activists are being joined by mass mobilization of people from all walks of life standing up and resisting systems of oppression.  Add in some heartbreak, grief, trauma and who wouldn't need healing? I will be making my way from Maine to Seattle, stopping in cities across Turtle Island to get my little truck back home. This will no doubt be a big summer of healing for myself, as I revisit water protector communities, sacred sites, Standing Rock, and my family a year after my father's death. 

I have not perfected this art of healing, but I am well practiced. My aim in this tour is to reach as many people who are in need of safe space to heal; whether that is through meditation, breathing for trauma and reflection...or it's in reliving some of the physical pain that often accompanies these deep times of cultural unrest. Over the years it has become clear to me that charging money for my offerings isn't a good fit for me.  And yet, exchanges need to happen to support each of us in our gifts to our community. It is just a shame capitalism is the prevailing culture... for now. This is why over the years I have tried to shift towards sharing yoga by donation, utilizing sliding scales, barter, etc. While on this tour, it is my goal to offer as many (if not ALL) workshops by donation. I am also willing to set up completely free workshops in mental health facilities, water protector communities, reservations, churches or in private homes/sites, contact me to discuss

I am so excited to get back on the road, to see so many of you, and meet many more. This is a time for us to be coming together on grand scales. Our radical compassion has to be what tips these outdated systems and returns us as a human race towards clarity, understanding, and respect for one another and this precious home. This kind of healing requires serious self-reflection, challenging colonial oppression, racism, cultural appropriation, and violence in all forms. It requires those who have historically taken Action to turn to Prayer and those who have been traditionally Prayerful to turn to Action. Wherever we fall on that continuum, I urge us all to using our daily actions as our prayers.

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I will also be leading a Yoga Therapy Retreat: Remembering Our Medicine in Passadumkeag, Maine this August 11-16 to help fundraise for the healing center that took me in for 8 weeks following my time at Standing Rock, and is a healing sanctuary for many of our East Coast water protectors. Of you are interested in learning more about participating in this workshop, or would like to know ways to donate to Nibezun directly, reach out to us at Sankalpa Yoga Retreats! 

If you have been feeling the stress of the world lately, you can now download a copy of Yoga Nidra for Cultivating Intent featuring Tom Catton on the Tibetan Bowls on This 30 min recording is ideal for a mid-day recharge, shifting physical and emotional holding patterns and achieving deep rest. Check it out here!


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Each of us are affected by our relationships, our food choices, our trauma, and our state of mind. Katy Benjamin E-RYT 200, RYT 500 aims to provide methods for students to begin to heal themselves.  Read more here about what Katy has to offer you and your loved ones. 

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