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Workshops, Travel and Dakota Access Pipeline! 

This past year has been very memorable. My father died in June. He was a kind and beloved man, and will be missed by many. Our country has gone through some serious upheaval, including electing a man who spreads fear, hate and prejudice, and that same money-hungry government is allowing drilling under Lake Oahe to pave the Dakota Access Pipeline. The mass movement of people in camps at Standing Rock began around the time I was mourning my father, and I remember thinking I should go straight from Illinois to North Dakota then. I didn't listen to my gut, and instead returned home to Hawai'i. I spent months feeling sick about not being on the ground at Standing Rock and finally made it in January 2017. After a short couple week stay, I have decided to return. My 2017 intention is to trust my gut. 

Please stay informed about what is happening in this movement. Great news sources include TYT Politics and The Lakota People's Law Project. On my birthday, February 8th, the Army Corps of Engineers halted their federally mandated (by the Obama Administration) Environmental Impact Statement and granted the easement to drill under Lake Oahe. This is hard news for the water protectors who have laid down their livelihoods, income, and some freedom to protect these sacred waters. I am en route back to help out at Sacred Stone Camp (please donate for camp needs). While in camp, I am happy to answer any questions you might have by emailing me, and please follow me on instagram and facebook. I will be making myself available for some guest teaching around the country as I make my way around the continental US.

Please in these intense times, it is more important than ever to practice radical self-care, radical compassion, and radical amounts of prayer and kindness. Our world will rely on the kindness and compassion we can muster in the face of anger, hate and fear. Stay well, stay informed, and stay loving!

If you have been feeling the stress of the world lately, you can now download a copy of Yoga Nidra for Cultivating Intent featuring Tom Catton on the Tibetan Bowls on This 30 min recording is ideal for a mid-day recharge, shifting physical and emotional holding patterns and achieving deep rest. Check it out here!


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Each of us are affected by our relationships, our food choices, our trauma, and our state of mind. Katy Benjamin E-RYT 200, RYT 500 aims to provide methods for students to begin to heal themselves.  Read more here about what Katy has to offer you and your loved ones. 

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