Equity vs. Equality 

You may notice that all our sessions have a sliding scale instead of a set price, why is that? 

Well over the years, yoga has become increasingly popular outside of its home, the Indian subcontinent. As this shift has occurred, so too has the commercialization and commodification of yoga. Yoga has grown into a multi million dollar "industry" and as this has happened, it has morphed from a healing and spiritual practice, to a business for making money. We currently live in a capitalistic society, and in order to survive, we all (to some extent) are a part of this system. Capitalism has always valued the dollar over nature, humans, animals, or life itself, and yoga and its practices couldn't be less capitalistic in nature. Capitalism has ravaged the world, exploited its people, minerals, forests and animals, and it cannot be a model that is allowed to last forever. And to help us move beyond this violent system of oppression, we have to start experimenting with something new.  

Now the reality is that the years, time and money that professionals invest in their skills and education is quite great, and charging for our 'services' is expected. However, I can no longer reconcile keeping capitalism in bed with my yoga offerings. So for several years I have been working to figure out a way to honor my time, credentials, and ongoing education while not restricting access of our Lahui. Therefore, all offerings from BIYT are offered by donation. You will never be turned away for an inability to pay, and we hope this can set a trend and put pressure on other 'businesses' that sell spiritual or healing practices. This will not happen overnight, but we can help to be the change we wish to see in accessibility for ALL in our communities. 

Sliding Scales are a mere suggestion of what would be equitable. Equity is not the same as equality, so having a one-size-fits-all price is not equitable.

  • We suggest that if you are able bodied, employed, white or white presenting, male, or hold other privileges that you pay higher on this scale, if, of course, you are able. 
  • We suggest that if you are experiencing a disability (visible or invisible), are a person of color, female, trans, LBGTQX, unemployed, or a member of any other marginalized group, that you pay lower on the scale, or as you personally feel is appropriate. 
  • If you are in a situation where you need to pay above or below the suggested scale, we suggest you do that, and we support your autonomy in making this choice on your own. 

When those who have certain privileges take on greater burdens, and lighten this for others, it makes offerings like this one functional. So far, this model has been truly sustainable, and I want to thank you all for making it possible. 


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